BR424P is a heavy duty electro-mechanical vehicle barrier gate system for indoor as well as outdoor parking area at airport, shopping mall, stadium, hotel, factories, condominium, government building and etc. Our technology is tried and tested in extreme condition to ensure high reliability.

BR424P’s robust controller, electric motor and gear box are a proven cost effective solution to cater continuous non-stop high volume movements per year yet just requiring very minima maintenance. Optimized and simple design allow more economical spare parts and replacements. BR424P is compatible to any access control system – readers can be mounted onto MAG gooseneck.

-   BETTER anti-corrosion protection against the harshest weather – housing is made of electroplated mild steel and further finished with epoxy powder coating.
-   Advanced intelligent microprocessor – keep track number of car “expected” to pass through avoiding the arm to fall prematurely and hit the next following car.
-   Easy maintenance. Cam lock to open cover and door-internals parts are fully accessible. Arm can be manually lifted by releasing the clutch. Full spare parts available.
-   Safe. DC operation reduces electrical hazard risk. Arm will auto-reverse if external sensor detected obstacle in path way.
-   Built in spring mechanism to counter balance arm weight for effortless motor drive and longer mechanical life span.
Technical specification:
Description   Parameter
Power supply input   230 V AC, 50 – 60Hz
Power consumption   0.6A, 138 watt
Noise level   < 60dB
Internal lubrication   Greased
Arm opening time   3 to 8 sec depending on arm length
Arm material   2.5 x 7.6 cm hollow aluminum bar
Weight excluding arm   65 kg
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