Orion Payment Station PK
Orion Payment Station PK

Orion. The intelligent parking solution.
Orion is the best parking solution today, with unique design, comprehensive software, high user-friendliness and global support. Orion permits ideal management of your precious parking space. The system has a modular structure. It can be configured and extended to suit your needs, providing optimum solutions for every application – from a small car park to a major project.


The Orion Entry Station PK works fully autonomously, or as part of a Zeag system network. Tickets as well as a variety of different cards in ISO standard are accepted through a single slot to guarantee perfect user-friendliness. It calculates parking fees automatically according to the customized tariffs. Payment by coins, bills, credit-, debit-, value-, city cards or <<electronic purse>> - it’s your choice. The Orion Payment Station PK can serve one or several car parks with different rate structures. Depending on the equipment and method of payment, the capacity of this Orion Payment Station is up to 350 payments per hour.

Controls And Housing
Functional design. The timelessly elegant housing makes optimum use of space. Robust and corrosion-resistant. All the controls are laid out ergonomically and functionally separated. The assemblies are easy to maintain and readily accessible for servicing. The powerful VFD display guarantees clearly legible user information even under critical lighting conditions.

The coded information is stored repeatedly on the data medium. Segmental evaluation of the data blocks and the error correction logic guarantee high operational security. Illegal tickets, tickets and cards with incorrect or invalid data ad fraudulently used cards are detected and rejected or retained. All the transaction data are stored with power failure protection by means of a buffer battery. Access to the Orion Payment Station PK is protected by a multi-level locking system.

Technical data
Ambient temperature:
0° C… +40° C in protected (roofed) environment
Power supply:
110/230 VAC +/-10%, 50/60Hz
Load: 300VA… 450VA
Heating: 800VA
Weight: approx. 340kg
Width: 980mm; Height: 1860mm; Depth: 600mm

Payment And Credit
Coins, bank notes, prepaid cards, bank and credit cards or smart cards can pay the parking fee. The self-replenishing coin processing system checks and sorts up to 12 different types of coins. The change is given in coins or bank notes depending on the machine equipment. Bank note screening systems are used for acceptance of notes with one or more values. The Orion Payment Station PK also accepts pre-coded credit tickets or tokens
Stainless steel cabinet, RAL 5017
Optical user guidance
VFD display and Intercom with call button
Choice of language, acknowledgement and cancellation key
UCD with thermal printer
Heating / ventilation with thermostat
Peripheral computer with RS232 and RS485 interfaces and zero potential inputs and outputs
Multi-level security system
Electronic coin checker, self-replenishing change system and cash terminal
Thermal paper receipt printer

Optional Function Packages
Bank note checker with intermediate cash till and stacking safe
Bank note return units
Cashless payment
Replacement ticket issue

(further function packages on request)


(Subject to change without notice)

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