ALP-Series (for General ALP UPS)

Full Digital and Intelligent ALP series UPS:

10kVA ~ 60kVA, 80kVA ~ 160kVA, 200kVA ~ 400kVA

The full digitalized Intelligent ALP Series UPS/CONVERTER for Electricity with three-phase isolation on-line design can provide the most professional protection to the centralization distribute district and industrial server room of the multinational corporation, the Network administration center and the computer facilities in Industrial automation center. These series products are manufactured according to USA military Standard and have the highest stability and safety. The design conception meets the development tendency of the Electricity & Electronics Industry. The modularized products can actualize many functions of the communication and the monitor. If the utility power interrupts, the user can connect, manage or shut down the computers (network system) through the UPS, and the administrator can monitor the power supply condition at any moment through the internet.

  • Advanced Technical of PWM, DSP and IGBT switching components
    Improve the system stability and efficiency

  • Multi-CPU Control and the Excellent Compatibility between Hardware and Software
    Several CPUs are employed in the control circuit and the excellent compatibility between hardware and software can improve the system stability

  • Wide Voltage Input Range
    Under 100% load, PROTEK ALP series UPS has very wide input voltage range: 300VAC~520VAC(380VAC Grid). In the case of most others UPS keep the output voltage stability by battery discharging, PROTEK ALP series UPS can still run normally and the battery will not discharge.

  • Plug & Play Module Design
    Maintenance will be easier and faster, and MTTR will be shortened to half an hour.

  • Phase-independent design of inverter
    If connected with the load whose three phases are in imbalance, the UPS can still output stably and will not be damaged.

  • True Input & Output Isolation Design
    Availably suppress the impact created by noise?light?surge current and or so, completely solving the problems such as poor input grounding, preventing the harmonic created by UPS system to pollute the grid and protecting the load equipments.

  • Protection against detaching and floating of the neutral of input power supply
    Avoid damaging the system and load from floating of the neutral of input power supply, ensure the system safety and stability.

  • Cool start function
    UPS can be started without AC mains (with battery only) and protected from high inrush current.

  • Optimum Efficiency Design
    PROTEK ALP series UPS are designed to double conversion construction to isolate the input and the output. In the case of mains input normally, the user can choose to make UPS running in the efficiency optimization mode to reduce attrition and improve efficiency.

  • Human operation design
    Easy operation and with no program constrain, any operational mistake made by the user will cause no harm to the unit.
  • Advanced Battery Management System (Option)
    This is an intelligent module to keep watching each individual battery in the battery bank by a simple and direct way. It can distinguish and repair the initially aged battery under safe situation and therefore prolong the battery life expectancy. One module can monitor up to 64 pieces of 12V battery. DCMANTM will alarm in case of the abnormal situation such as battery worn-out, cable abnormal disconnection, and the battery amount monitored is less than the parameter set in the module.

  • Intelligent Fan Rotation Speed Control
    In order to extend the fan life expectancy?reduce the audible noise and improve the system stability, UPS fan rotation speed can change automatically according to the load.

  • Intelligent charge design
    The advanced and intelligent charge function can charge or release the batteries automatically to keep the batteries in best condition all the time and extend their lives.

  • Reasonable heat evacuation passage design
    Main PCBs are designed in a holder to separate the control circuitry and power circuitry. Therefore, the UPS system can operate under harsh environment.

  • Variety of accessory (options)
    The functions such as remote monitor, individual battery auto-detection, SNMP, environment detection apparatus and or so are available. It can connect up to 31 same(or different) systems, each monitored system can send brief status information to computer, while one of the 31 systems (selected by UPSCOM through software) can send detailed datum to computer to display and file saving.

  • Data log capability
    Every abnormal condition will be stored in the UPS for further reference to the user. The data is stored with the date and time (With real time clock) when abnormal condition happens, therefore the user can get full understanding and records of what has happened to the UPS in the past. The data will not be erased by any means, even when all the power is switched off.

  • Support the Network Management Systems which include
    1. HP OpenView
    2. SUN SunNet Manager
    3. IBM NetView
    4. Novell NMS
    5. Accton AccView
    6. Mega Tec SNMPView
    7. Other SNMP Compliant NMSs
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