ALP-Series (for Military ALP UPS)

Full Digital and Intelligent AC Frequency Converter (ALP)

For Military 10kVA~320kVA

As one of the highest performance power supply systems military in the world, the 400Hz AC frequency converter employs many advanced technologies such as full digital control, PWM Technical, IGBT switching components and so on. They are used extensively in military?the army aviation?the civil aviation and the shipping domain. By employing the IGBT/SPWM Technical, the Plug-and-Play modular and the Multi-CPU control Technical, the output quality?the control accuracy and the stability of system are enhanced greatly. The tolerance of 150% overloads ability and the perfect system self-protection function make the system more reliable.
  • Reliable input protection
    Circuit breakers are placed in each individual input loop to ensure power can continue through another loop in case of breaker trip caused by an abnormal condition in either rectifier or load.

  • Input Surge Protection
    An MOV (surge protector) is added at the input, providing protection to both FREQUENCY CONVERTER and the load from any lightning surges, or surges caused by neighboring large loads.

  • EMI suppression
    An EMI filter is added to meet the international EMC limits. Therefore, very low noise is emitted, and no interference is supplied to other equipment connected to the same AC source.

  • Ruggedness
    The rectifier employs phase control Technical to regulate the DC bus voltage. This is the most efficient method to charge the batteries. The SCR used are inherently rugged. Additionally, a large inductor is added at the input to avoid deforming the AC source waveform.

  • High efficiency IGBT switching components
    The inverter uses high frequency, high efficiency IGBT, PWM methodology to convert the DC power to AC power. Therefore, the number of components is fewer, reliability is improved, and the size and weight of FREQUENCY CONVERTER is reduced, performance is improved, and acoustic noise is minimized.

  • True Galvanic Isolation
    An isolation transformer is placed at the output. This can solve the problem of poor input grounding, can allow a different ground between input and output, can avoid the annoying problem of ground leakage current, and can be tied to any potential provided on site. The AC output is isolated under every mode of operation. Additionally, the user gets the bonus of attenuation of common mode noise from the output isolation transformer.

  • Plug & Play Modular design
    The power circuit is separated into several modules plugged into slots in the FREQUENCY CONVERTER, which are easy to pull out, permitting quick maintenance and easier trouble shooting (MTTR<0.5 hour).

  • Cold start function
    The FREQUENCY CONVERTER can be started without an AC source, that is, can be started with battery power only. This is possible because current limit circuitry is added, preventing the problem of large inrush current blowing the battery fuse and damaging the DC capacitors when batteries are connected to an empty DC bus (before the DC bus is energized).

  • Multi-CPU design
    Several CPUs are employed in the control circuit, and critical functions are designed with parallel redundancy to improve reliability. Therefore, in case of one CPU failure, the other CPUs keep the FREQUENCY CONVERTER operational, and the output AC is not affected.

  • Tolerate Harsh Environment
    Each component of the FREQUENCY CONVERTER is chosen with large safety margin to accommodate extreme environments, such as temperature, humidity, altitude, shock or contamination.
  • Wide input range
    The FREQUENCY CONVERTER is designed to accept a wide input range, so that it can work effectively under an unstable AC source. All of the input components used are specifically selected to handle extreme high voltage and high current.

  • Intelligent Fan Rotation Rate Control
    The fan rotation rate can automatically change according to the load condition. If the load is light, the rotation rate will lower. If the load is heavy, the rotation rate will raise. So the lifetime of fans can prolong availably.

  • Intelligent Interface
    One remote control panel (or one PC) can be used to monitor up to 99 AC Frequency Converters. The remote control can be used to switch, on or off, any or all of the CONVERTER systems. When any CONVERTER encounters an emergency condition, the system will warn the user immediately. All the CONVERTER status, data or commands are transmitted to external modules through RS-232 or RS-485 ports (for long distance communication under harsh environment).

  • Convenient Operating Panel
    Operate the panel with LCD display through the up/down/enter switch on panel. That is, one can read all the data of the AC Frequency Converter without opening the front door. But the important on/off switch of the inverter is hidden behind the front door (The front door is locked and needs the key to open), but you can also start up / shut down the inverter by entering the correct password in LCD in case of the key is not at hand or lost). So it is not easy to be accidentally switched off by some unexpected strangers.

  • Support the Network Management Systems which include
    1. HP OpenView
    2. SUN SunNet Manager
    3. IBM NetView
    4. Novell NMS
    5. Accton AccView
    6. Mega Tec SNMPView
    7. Other SNMP Compliant NMSs
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