AHA-H/HR Series

AHA-H/HR Series

High Frequency on-line UPS

  • Multiple Microprocessor design base

  • Detachable control panel with LCD

  • Unity input power factor and wide input range

  • Parameter presettable

  • True sine-wave double conversion on-line UPS

  • DC start and automatic self-diagnostic function

  • RS232 communication poprt and built-in SNMP slot

  • High efficiency design to save electricity

  • Low heat dissipation in long time operation

  • Designed to operate under harsh environment

  • Enhanced protections against lightning surges, disturbance, etc.

    AHA-H/HR (Hi-Frequency) type series UPS is designed with latest technology , making it distinguished by its performance and reliability. The input range extraordinary wide from 118V to 300V so that the UPS can still run well in areas of poor utility and be robust invarious applications. It also eliminates unnecessary battery discharges to prolong the life expectancy of battery. The rectifier stage of AHA-H/HR series implements high frequency, PWM, and power factor correction method. Therefore, the input current is purely sine wave, and power factor can be over 95%. It also has very small harmonic current drawn from the utility. That is, it generates no interference to the utility. Beside, the inverter of the unit adopts newest and tough IGBT, high frequency PWM method. So it can response quickly to load change, especially the impressing capability of starting computer load.

    All power stages are carefully designed to optimize efficiency so as to save the user's running cost, and minimize head dissipation. The unit, controlled by the innovative software programs, can self-diagnose all the time and provide various status and data displayed clearly on panel. The LCD panel, uniquely designed to be detachable from the UPS, can be taken out and placed on other place the user feels convenient to watch the panel. If the user feels the LCD panel too complicated and just wants to watch the status of the UPS, can be the conventional tower type to minimize occupied space, or can be the rack mount type to be fit into your equipment rack, that makes your computer room neat and clean. The rack type UPS can operate with battery bank of the same size; therefore, it looks like as one whole unit they are put togather

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