EnviroDome Camera Systems
Day/Night, Color & B/W Versions
26x (Day/Night) or 18x Optical Zoom Range +12x Digital Zoom
Weather-resistant Design
Privacy Masking and Sector Blanking
Remotely Configurable (Bilinx, Biphase, RS-232, RS-485)
Revolutionary AutoTrack Motion Tracking Option
Multiple Protocols
Three-year Warranty
Whatever the weather may bring, the EnviroDome maintains peak performance, making it the ideal solution for perimeter surveillance, parking lots and other outdoor applications. The EnviroDome has all of the features needed to capture the details missed by other cameras.

The revolutionary AutoTrack feature (optional), built directly into the camera, marks a new generation in motion detection. AutoTrack not only senses movement, but zooms in on the target and follows it, leaving guards’ hands free for other responsibilities.

Image control and quality are integral aspects of any outdoor surveillance system. The EnviroDome offers optical zoom lenses from 18x to 26x, and all systems offer a full 12x digital zoom once the end of the optical zoom is reached. In addition, the patented scaling feature ensures that you have optimal control for viewing at all zoom settings.

Effective surveillance cameras must also perform well under a range of lighting conditions. To enhance sensitivity when night falls, the Day/Night EnviroDome automatically switches from color to monochrome by removing the infrared filter.Whether you program the camera to switch automatically, or use the manual switch, the result is optimal camera function, day or night. For ultimate sensitivity, the B/W camera can be used. For operation in the darkest conditions, the slow shutter control feature (standard on all Color and Day/Night EnviroDome cameras) automatically reduces the shutter speed to as little as 1 second. This increases sensitivity by more than 50 times.

In answer to concerns about personal privacy, the EnviroDome provides sector blanking and privacy masking. These features allow customization to ensure privacy for diverse needs.

Remote control, configuration, and updates can be performed over the video cable (coax or passive UTP) when using Bilinx-compatible control and configuration devices (such as VP-CFGSFT configuration tool or LTC 8016 Allegiant Bilinx Interface).

Supported menu languages include: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Polish.

The following are some of the features that make the EnviroDome one of the most flexible domes in the industry. These adjustments can be made by the installer to customize the EnviroDome's operation to meet a particular customer's needs.

Rugged Bubble (Option)
Rugged Bubbles are made from 3mm thick Polycarbonate, designed to meet stringent strength standards without compromising optical clarity.
The Bubble, by itself, can withstand a 100 ft-pound impact. This energy is equivalent to that of a 10 lb sledgehammer being dropped from a height of 10 ft.
The Bubble, installed in the Dome, exceeds the UL 1598 horizontal impact standard for lighting fixtures, by a factor of 10.
Camera Commands
Picture quality settings such as White Balance and Sharpness.
Max Gain: When Automatic Gain Control (AGC) is on, the EnviroDome allows selection of a specific max setting that the AGC can achieve, limiting graininess of the picture. The camera automatically adjusts to very lowlight situations.
Slow Shutter (Frame Integration): By slowing the shutter speed, the camera’s sensitivity increases, resulting in visibility at much lower light levels. Available settings are fully automatic, or one of 6 specific shutter speeds.
Digital Zoom: A full 12x digital zoom can be utilized once the maximum optical zoom has been reached. If digital zoom is not desired, it can be disabled.

Day/Night Commands
Night Mode: This feature switches the camera from Color to Monochrome and removes the IR filter, thus increasing the camera’s sensitivity in low light applications. Settings are on, off, or fully automatic.
  Night Mode Threshold: When set to automatic, this feature determines the light level at which the camera will switch to night mode.

Dome Commands
  Sector Blanking: Video blanking in up to 16 specified sectors within total field-of-view.
  Privacy Masking: Up to six (6) areas can be masked from visibility.
  Guard Tours: There are two styles of Guard Tours:
The preset tour has capability for up to 99 presets, which can either be included or excluded from the tour. The dwell time can be specified, whereupon each of the included presets will be visited consecutively. This tour continues until operator intervention.
Recorded tours: (2) are available, which have a combined duration of 15 minutes of movements. These are recorded macros of an operator’s movements, including Pan, Tilt, and Zoom activities, and can be played back in a continuous manner. This creates a smoother, more thorough type of automated tour.
Inactivity: When an operator stops manual control of a dome, the inactivity option determines what the dome should do next, if anything. The options are to return to a specific preset, return to the automated tour previously executed, or do nothing. The installer can determine the duration of the inactivity period.
Password Control: This feature allows the installer to determine the security level of dome commands. Available settings are as follows:
1.   Low (any user can access any option)
2.   Medium (a published command unlocks the commands [OFF-90-ENTER])
3.   High (a four digit (modifiable) password is required to unlock the commands)

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