LTC 003xB - LTC 004xB Series Outdoor Cameras

Pre-assembled Units whith Housing, Camera, Sunshield, Varifocal lens and Bracket included
The preinstalled easy to use connectors reduces installation time to a minimum
▶ Range of color and monochrome units
Choice of high performance cameras
▶ Vari-focal Lenses for On-site adjustment of Field-of-View
HV and LV versions

The LTC 0033, LTC 0035, LTC 0043 and LTC 0045 series Outdoor Cameras provide the most economical package available for outdoor applications. These units reduce the required installation time to the absolute minimum. Only the supply and video cables need to be connected to the easy to use connectors to obtain superior picture performance in virtually all outdoor applications. Even a wall bracket is included in the package.

The Outdoor Cameras are based on the LTC 0335, LTC 0355, LTC 0435 and LTC 0455 series of cameras, which are recognized as the performance reference in the CCTV market. The camera range covers standard and high resolution as well as monochrome and color versions.
The varifocal lenses supplied with the monochrome versions are the LTC 3364/40 and LTC 3374/20. The varifocal lenses supplied with the color versions are the LTC 3364/50 and LTC 3374/50.

They give you a choice for tele and wide-angle applications. With these DC-Iris varifocal lenses the Field-of-View can be adjusted on site, allowing optimum area coverage.

The modern compact housing is a proven design that provides good protection against the elements and hostile environments. It can be used in a large variety of places such as city centers, petrol stations, industrial environments and travel and transport areas, in fact any general indoor and outdoor use.
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