LTC 1271 Series Corner Phortress

High security Phortress design
Withstands 120 lbs of direct force on the polycarbonate dome
▶ Integral color, high resolution camera with wide angle,
Varifocal lens
▶ Available in standard or brushed aluminum finishes
24 VAC with line-lock & phase adjust
▶ All-in-one package with no separate corner bracket required


As an extension of the MiniLine products, Bosch offers a corner-mounted version of the high security grade, aluminum Phortress.

The LTC 1271 Series Corner Phortress offers the same camera protection with a discrete design that works well in most indoor corner applications. The camera can mount flush to the ceiling, or it can be wall mounted below ceiling level. It comes in both a standard white aluminum finish and a brushed aluminum version that resembles stainless steel for use in lobbies, elevators, and other design-specific locations.

The Corner Phortress includes a full-featured camera/lens combination in a cast aluminum housing (with the strength of 10 gage steel) and polycarbonate bubble that can withstand the equivalent of 120 lbs of force. The unit can also endure 300 lbs of weight, if an attempt was made to pull the unit down from a masonry wall, provided that the recommended mounting bolts are employed.

The Phortress’s flexible varifocal camera makes it an ideal replacement for traditional camera installations, where extra security is required. Its sleek design, choice of finishes, and small, inconspicuous appearance allow for an attractive look that complements most decors.
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