LTC 0455 Series Color Cameras - 540 TVL

1/3-inch format CCD imager
High sensitivity
▶ Advanced digital signal processing
540 TVL resolution with outstanding picture quality
▶ Extended sensitivity with nightsense
Auto detection of lens type with lens wizard
▶ Easy to install
Accepts AC or DC voltages

The LTC 0455 series are compact rugged, 1/3-inch image format digital color CCD cameras. Their superior sensitivity, 540 TVL resolution and picture quality provide optimal performance in virtually all situations. Easy Installation, digital signal processing, on screen displays, superior picture quality and reliability, brings the video performance of high resolution color cameras to a level never reached before and makes the LTC 0455 series the best choice for first time and professional users.

This fully automatic camera is ready to work for you, and is easy to install in even the most demanding applications. Onscreen Displays (OSD) provide quick and easy access to all camera features.

The LTC 0455 cameras also comes with a lens wizard that automatically detects the type of lens installed and provides an OSD guide that allows the installer to easily adjust the lens level and focus without special tools or filters.

The automatic black level feature, now introduced in color cameras, enhances contrast by removing veiling glare from the picture. NightSense is used
to further extend the excellent
sensitivity by a factor 3 in monochrome operation. This mode can be automatically activated under low light situations.
Automatic sensing for tracking white balance, provides true to life color images in indoor and outdoor applications.

The ability to operate on AC or DC provides added flexibility to system designs and reduces the amount of training and support items to keep on-hand.

Bilinx Technology
The LTC 0455 series cameras incorporate Bilinx. Bilinx is a bidirectional communication capability embedded in the video signal of all Bosch Dinion cameras. With Bilinx technicians can check status, change camera settings and even update firmware from virtually anywhere along the video cable. Bilinx reduces service and installation time, provides for more accurate set-up and adjustment, and improves overall performance. In addition, Bilinx uses the standard video cable to transmit alarm and status messages, providing superior performance without additional installation steps.
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