LTC 136x & 146x Series FlexiDomeXT Vandal Resistant Cameras

Vandal resistant camera in weatherproof housing
Endures the equivalent of 120lbs of force
▶ High resolution monochrome and 540 TVL color models
Extended sensitivity with NightSense
▶ Auto-iris varifocal lenses
Line-Lock with phase adjustment
▶ Flush mount appearance
Conduit compatible hard surface mount option

The FlexiDomeXT line of vandal resistant, fixed Dome cameras with varifocal lens options provide the ultimate solution for virtually any indoor and outdoor security application. Providing a full-featured integrated camera in a cast aluminum housing, polycarbonate dome, and hardened inner liner these units can withstand the equivalent of 120lbs of force. FlexiDomeXT cameras are also sealed for outdoor use with protection against water and dust to IP66, (NEMA-4) standards.

The FlexiDomeXT Series incorporates the latest technology found in an integrated camera with the option of 540 TVL resolution color and monochrome cameras that feature an integrated varifocal DC iris lens. The choice of varifocal lenses makes the application of these cameras extremely versatile, covering standard and telephoto as well as low light applications. AC and DC compatible, users get an added benefit of Line-Locking and phase adjustment capabilities when AC voltage is employed. Backlight compensation can also be selected on all models. NightSense is used to further extend the excellent sensitivity by a factor of 3 in monochrome operation. This mode is automatically activated under low light conditions.
For quick and easy installation, the FlexiDomeXT Series cameras come completely assembled, and ready to use. Using the proprietary pan/tilt/rotation mechanism, camera adjustments are simple. Cameras can be rotated 360° and tilted more than 90° to choose precisely the camera angle you need for installation.

Each unit is supplied with an adaptor plate compatible with single, double, or 4S electrical box installations. For solid wall or ceiling mounting, the optional LTC 1347 Hard Surface Mount Adaptor box is offered. This adaptor can be wired through the side of the housing via a standard 3/4in. conduit opening, or wired through the back of the unit. For hassle-free on-site setup and adjustments, an optional Video Service cable (S1460) is available.

FlexiDomeXT is an ideal, no compromise solution for numerous surveillance applications, especially over conventional camera limitations. The small, sleek design and virtually flush mount appearance allow for an attractive look that compliments various decors, and at the same time providing the extra protection necessary for applications such as schools, banks, hotels, prisons, parking garages, retail, and commercial installations.
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