FlexiDome camera series
Fixed Cameras in 64-mm (2.5-inch) Domes
1/4-inch Format Standard and High Resolution
Full range of color and monochrome models
Available with 2.1 mm, 3 mm or 6 mm Lenses
All Models with advanced DSP
Backlight Compensation
24 VAC Supply with Line-Lock
The FlexiDome® I & II Series are fixed compact cameras in stylish surveillance domes: FlexiDome I for standard resolution and FlexiDome II for high resolution applications.

The high performance 1/4-inch monochrome or color CCD cameras come in a choice of 2.1 mm, 3 mm or 6 mm integral lenses for super-wide angle or standard view.Wide AC voltage ranges allow flexibility in both PAL and NTSC versions.

The FlexiDome I & II cameras are easily surface mounted on ceilings or walls to elegantly blend with their environment. The lightly tinted dome masks the camera without signifigant f-stop loss. With its 24 VAC supply and line-lock capabilities, this camera is not sensitive to the color interaction between the shutter and fluoresent lighting common to DC-supplied cameras.
Various configuration possibilities are available via the easily accessible switches for white
balance, line-lock, phase adjustment, and backlight compensation.

The camera's viewing direction can be manually adjusted, and the ball mounted construction ensures a stable camera view.

The backlight compensation and wide dynamic range, combined with the many other image enhancement features of the proprietary DSP ensure optimum contrast and a clear picture of the object at any time.

Enhanced picture quality, true color reproduction, and outstanding reliability make these domed cameras an excellent choice for indoor applications in retail, casinos, museums, malls, and bank or hotel lobbies.
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