Accuracy & Dynamic Optimization to Your Identity: CASS9000

Equipped with the latest biometric technology, the unique Inner Layer Scan Fingerprint System, unlike conventional surface fingerprint and thus ignore the condition on the outer layer (finger surface). This technology provides a very high accuracy on fingerprint match which ensures a more secure and foolprrof environment.

Trueprint is the only biometric fingerprint that can measure electrical characteristics of the "real fingers".

  800 Fingerprint Templates     Max. 10 Digits User Definable Login Password
  800 Card Users     Come with Proximity Reader Format. (Format: Magnetic Signal)
-   Operation Mode:
-   Finger Only Mode (1:30 1st 30 Templates Matching Sequences)
-   Finger ID and Fingerprint
-   Card and Pin
-   Pin Only (2 sets of 4 digits PIN Access)
-   Card Only
    Unique and Creative Casing Design, Colors and Size
    Simple Installation Setup
  -   Tamper Switch to Avoid Vandalism
  -   Proximity Reading Range: +/-5cm - 7cm
-   1 Alarm Input and 1 Alarm Output     ESD (Electro Static Discharge) Protection Up to 15 KVolt
-   Reader Locking Feature   -   Accurate and Easy-to-Place Sensor Location
  External Watch Dog     Dimension: 143W x 112H x 44D (mm)
  Animated Icon Display at Blue Graphic LCD     Colors: Black Blue & Dolphin Blue
  Real Time Clock Display During System Screen Saver Mode -   16 Keys Silicon Rubber Keypad for Settings and Configuration
-   3 LEDS:
-   GREEN - Valid
-   RED - Error
-   ORANGE - Standby
-   FAR (False Acceptance Rate) and FRR (False Rejection Rate)
    (Reading Accuracy)
      - FAR = 0.0001
    - FFR = 0.027
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