A Step Ahead In Product Development: i-CASS

Electronic Key (E-Key)   Dual Card Access Mode
The electronic key is mounted inside the reader casing. Users are able to release/override door locks connected to the system.

This new technology will identity the correct command code from the door interface to release the door.
The activation of this mode will allow tighter security control. The feature will be programmed to allow users access under the condition of 2 authorize cards at the same time. The dual card access mode can be assigned to all card users in the present database.
Door Communication
The system is embedded with Ethernet capabilities.
Maximum 32 doors is controlled by a controller.
Short Message Service (In bount/Out bound)
Access Counter
The system is designed to allow admin to assign a short message to card users. When the card user is accessing the door, an alert sound and message will generate and allow the card user to view his/her message. Users are allowed to read and delete the message from the reader.
Users are able to configure the access count on a single door. Each valid access will be recorded in the system as one count. If the counter reaches, the specified counter, additional access will be denied. This will provide restriction and keep record of the number of accesses allowed in a high security area.
Guard Tour Mode/Fire Alarm
Multi-Door Interlocking Feature
The system may be programmed to monitor the job performance of the guards stationed at their premises. The guards will have to register their presence on the readers and will be recorded on the controller database. It ensures the guards perform their duties at the locations assigned to them.
This feature disallows more than 1 door to be released at a time. Users may configure the interlocking door list, which could have a maximum 10 groups of interlocking set at 5 doors per group. For instance, the system will identify if all the door falls under the listed group is opened at that time before the first door released is locked.
Alarm Features
General Purpose Out (GP Output), Audllary Output (AU Output)
The system has a built-in 2 supervised input points per door interface. Users are allowed to activate and deactivate the alarm mode manually from the reader interface. Alarm pass code are required to arm and disarm the alarm function. Users are allowed to configure their personal pin code from the controller and the PC software. The system is also capable to detect the wrong alarm PIN input, after 3 attempts of wrong PIN, will auto activate to the keypad lockout.
Controller is equipped with a GP Output, it will triggers in accordance to the time configured by users. Selectable/switchable output to Auxiliary where output trigger by programmable events.
Card User Capacity
Event Transactions
The system supports 20,000 card users per controller and is expandable.
A maximum of 30,000 transactions are allowed and is expandable.
Door Release Button Time Zone Control
Reader Lock
This feature is activated by time zone (Time Control).
Temporary lockout of the reader keypad to prevent unauthorized person attempts to tamper with the device.
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